#PDACbestdressed favourites and event recap

What a week! We just returned from PDAC 2015 with a lot of great memories and a bit of a fuzzy head. A big thanks to everyone who participated in fashion’s best kept secret that was #PDACbestdressed. We had a lot of great entries on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram:

We gotta say, the sock and footwear game was on point this year:

Here are some of our favourite fashion gurus of the convention! 

The Blender men at PDAC also took their time to represent…

 …And Tony (aka Blender’s ‘nighttime correspondent’) took his job of promoting the #PDACbestdressed very seriously:

All in all #PDACbestdressed was a smashing success, thanks to all who participated and made the convention even more memorable.

Marika Hirsch
Marika Hirsch

As Blender’s Content Manager (aka ‘Resident Wordsmith’) Marika enjoys bringing readers the latest and greatest in both digital trends and IR tips. Follow along on Twitter: