Getting Started with Piknic – Building an IR Website in 60 Days

You’re getting ready for IPO, and your website is in desperate need of a refresh (like – desperate). Quotes are piling into your inbox from website developers, agencies and contractors, but they’re steep. Not yet ready to write a cheque that would absorb nearly half of your marketing budget, you need a solution for your IR website – and you need it fast.

The story above is exactly why we started Piknic. We heard it time and time again from companies that we were so excited to partner with. They needed an impressive website with half the budget and within half the time of a custom build. To others, it might have seemed impossible – to us, we knew this meant that we needed to develop a solution for companies just like this.

Can you relate? If so, your next IR website could be built with Piknic – here’s why.

We make selecting a website easy.

Designing mockups of your perfect website takes a lot of time, with many variations often needed. We know you want it perfect (and our designers wouldn’t expect anything less). Yet, what makes Piknic different is that this hard work is already done for you. Our teams are always working on award winning designs that you can choose from. We’ll present to you a number of design options to choose from. No guessing, going back to the drawing board, or wondering what will work for your company. It’s all ready for you.


Our project process is simple.

Why make building a website confusing?

When you’ve decided to partner with Piknic, we’ll take you through a very simple project process. Our team will outline exactly what we need to get started – your website’s site map, branding files, like your logo, images and fonts, and page copy for your site. From the time we meet to the time our content phase is complete will be around 2-3 weeks.


We’ll keep you updated at every stage.

As soon as we receive your site copy and branding, we’ll start mocking up your website. We’ll put together your home page and ask for your feedback to incorporate within design edits. Our designs are built with your investors in mind, with a focus on website engagement to mobile-friendly integration from the very beginning.


We never skip a step.

Our team is focused on high quality, award winning websites for you- which is why we never skip a step. After you’ve approved the final website design, about 30 days into our work together, we’ll develop your website and truly bring it to life. We’ll go through quality assurance testing, make edits dependent on your feedback and integrate your service packages, newsletter feeds and introduce you to optimizing your website for search traffic. .


Your website is live! Now what?

Your website is live and your team is thrilled. You’re ready for IPO! Now what?

At Blender, we know that our work doesn’t end when we flip the switch. That’s why we’re here for you even after your site is live. We offer website hosting, a completely customized CMS, Google analytics and reporting, newsletter list management and more.


Did we mention it’s a fraction of the cost?

Our designers love creating new designs (you should see how many are circulated around the office each and every week) and we only choose the best of the best to offer our clients. Because we’ve completed the intricate design work before we partner with new clients, it makes the timeline and heavy lifting much easier. If you’re looking for an affordable, effective solution for your IR website, you’ve come to the right place.
We love talking about Piknic, and we can’t wait to share our new designs with you. We’ve built 90 websites and counting with Piknic, and we’re excited about the year ahead as we unveil brand new website designs. To get started on your own Piknic site, click here.

Nicole Van Zanten
Nicole Van Zanten

Nicole is fascinated with all things Investor Relations, lending her penmanship to Blender's blog subscribers and loyal readers. She's focused on delivering the goods (and latest IR updates) each and every week.