Re-imagining the Repetitive: 2 Airlines Make Old Content Seem New

It’s a tale as old as time. The somewhat forced perkiness of the stewardess in an airline safety video, reminding everyone aboard a departing flight of the necessary safety information. The talk on the video could just as easily be white noise. Instead of listening, we use this time to check last minute emails, send off a quick text or two, and contemplate the in-flight food packages, wondering if we’re willing to spend $35 on a protein and cheese plate But what if that boring, mandated in-flight safety speech was completely rethought and redesigned?

Cool story bro, how does this relate to me?

We love bringing examples to you of industries that are find new ways to engage with their target market and reimagine the way they communicate with their network of customers and peers. See how United Airlines and Air New Zealand are reinventing the wheel when it comes to reporting about airline safety, and use this as inspiration in your own investor communications.


Fly, you Fools!

Air New Zealand has always been ahead when it comes to making engaging and unique videos, but they recently became Lord of the Safety Video with this ‘Middle Earthean’ take on in-flight instructions. The safety video also features appearances from famous Lord of the Rings figures, including Elijah Wood and Peter Jackson, as well as a handful of other stars.


Safety is Global 

United Airlines fused airline safety instructions with clever, everyday situations, taking passengers to Paris, Las Vegas, and  even inside a yellow NYC cab.

Both airlines also came up with a uniquely visual way to display the plane’s safety exits. While we’re all used to seeing this image:




Air New Zealand demonstrates exit rows with a rowdy army of Middle Earth orcs:


 And United Airlines turns to origami as a stewardess ‘folds’ paper into a perfect rendering of the current plane before explaining the exit plan. 


Both these videos remind us of the possibilities in re-imagining old content  and presenting it in ways where it is both more engaging and successful with viewers. They also show us that to be creative or inspirational, you don’t always have to come up with new words; approaching the same content a different way can be equally inspiring. This is especially interesting when thinking of public companies sharing their story with investors. How can mandated content be spun a different way?

These airlines make sure to include the necessary info, such as the locations of flotation devices and the proper way to secure a life-mask, but give it a completely fresh delivery. Words that have been repeated hundreds of times are suddenly made current again. Even if you’d rather zone out for the minutes before departure, these videos capture your interest and make you pay attention.

Marika Hirsch
Marika Hirsch

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