Should You Invest in a Responsive Website or a Native Mobile App?

Responsive is really the buzzword of the day and companies are sensing the urgency to move into mobile if they haven’t already. So which do you need? Is it a responsive website or a native mobile app? Or is it both? Take a step back and think about what your company actually needs, and what your objectives are before moving into mobile.

Mobile Search Drives Conversions

One of the biggest advantages of having a responsive mobile website is mobile conversions. Google tells us that 81% of mobile searches are driven by speed and convenience, and 77% mobile searches actually occur at home or at work, where there is likely to have a desktop around for them to use. In other words, the likelihood of investors, analysts and journalists searching for you on their mobile is probably higher than you think. Research shows that 73% of mobile searches trigger additional action and conversions, such as continued research and purchases. Think of mobile search as a key part of the decision-making process and the mobile website is a potential catalyst that speeds up that process to your advantage.

Remember though, responsive is not just a website that responds to different screen sizes, it’s also a functional design that optimizes your website for mobile specifically. It’s a design that gives the website a fluid layout, with necessary spaces and buttons that are touch-friendly.

App as a Communications Platform

The investor relations app provides the company with another platform to optimize their corporate materials for mobile devices. Content could range from stock info, presentations, videos, fact sheets and audio-cast conference calls. Of course, the mobile app would optimize the publicly traded company’s reach as well; but perhaps, the primary focus of the app would be to provide a platform for the company to communicate quickly and effectively with their investors and shareholders. With features such as push notifications and ability to add events to the mobile calendar, companies can connect with its investors on a more intimate level.

At the end of the day, app or website, it really depends on your main objectives. One way to look at it is that, responsive mobile website drives mobile searches and encourages continued search from prospective investors. Native mobile app for investor relations would keep investors informed and shareholders on board with effective communications. Does your website have a responsive website or a mobile app? Let us know, we’d love to hear your thoughts!

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