Perfecting Your IR Digital Communications Strategy

What are some of the digital communications tools your company is using right now? When you’re not readily available to talk to every investor, shareholder and analyst out there, the digitals would be the primary contact person for your company. Give the investment community the information they’re looking for! Want to make sure you’ve got yourself covered on the Internet? Check out our list of investor-focused digital communications:

An IR website is, of course, the primary resource of corporate information. It is there to help investors and analysts to get to know you better, so they can go on and make investment decisions. Put yourself in the investor’s shoes, and crawl through the website like an investor would. Can you access the information quickly and efficiently? Is the content up-to-date? Are outdated materials nicely organized into an archive section? Is your website (hub of information) accessible through mobile? Think of your IR website as your online spokesperson, and make sure it has all the materials that it needs!

Without me saying, you’re probably aware of the recent video conference calls that were held by Netflix and Yahoo! Live video conference calls are definitely costly and not for everyone; however, most conference calls are just broadcast live by audio webcast, and it is a popular IR tool. It gives you more room to communicate and explain things in greater detail than you would normally in just a news release.

Email marketing is a great way of communications as well; the best part is that, the emails you send out can be tracked. With open rates, clicked ratio, and other statistics, you can turn information into intelligence. From the statistical results, you can track your success, and measure your IR communications strategies. What’s more important is that, your target audience has the option to email you back and contact you right away if they have questions or comments.

You must have read/seen/scanned a lot of content about social media and investor relations already… but it’s only the truth – social media is making a huge impact on investor relations. With social networking sites, information is shared everywhere, every day, every second. Let it be blog postings or tweets, they are all great platforms to get your company’s message out. Handy tip: good content always have it easier when it comes to engaging conversations. Always ask yourself, is this information relevant? If no, think twice, because people are most likely not going to share it.

Webcasting is growing more and more popular every day. It usually involves audio with slides or video broadcast over the Internet. The biggest plus would be that, personal (yet virtual) relationship you’re building with your target audience. You intrigue your investors or analysts with a hook, they sign up (and you get their contacts) and you inform them about your company. It’s convenient and efficient! Give it a try if you haven’t already! Webcasting would work well for events such as, quarterly earnings, shareholder meetings, and presentations that you might have at hand.