The best public company homepage designs

Introduction: Homepage is where the heart is

Your website homepage is your first impression. Like all first impressions, you get about five seconds to make a good one. Many think that in order to have the best public company homepage, it’s all about the design work. A beautiful design is great to have, but more importantly than just looking good is creating a portal of information that efficiently leads investors to the crucial pages of your website. For more information, check out these 11 must-have elements on any homepage design.


What is the main goal of your homepage?

We love the ‘storefront window’ analogy because it illustrates the importance of both the homepage and all the website information within. Stores decorate their windows to entice customers and place their shiniest merchandise in the front. What is the main objective of that window, however? It’s not to be the prettiest window on the block. It’s to get customers inside, and to make a sale.


As a public company, you should be thinking the same way about the homepage of your website redesign. Though having a visually compelling and interactive front page will certainly help, the most important function of a homepage is to serve as a gateway to the most important information on your website. Pages, for instance, where investor information like presentations and forms to request more information can be accessed. It’s crucial as a public company to remember that when it comes to your homepage, there should be a balance between the coolest design and easy access to information.

Best public company homepage examples

Here are some shining examples we’ve found of public company homepages that include that perfect balance of useful information and visual appeal.

Cisco Systems – ‘Quick Tasks’ bar

Cisco’s homepage features a secondary navigation bar offering quick links to the most frequently visited pages of their website.

best public company homepage designs Cisco

Eguana Technologies – Signup space on the homepage

Eguana Tech’s longer homepage offers quick blurbs about the most important pages of their website, with easy access buttons after each paragraph. The top of their homepage also offers an email sign-up function, so those wishing to keep informed don’t have to navigate to the contact page to enter their information.

best public company homepage designs Eguana Tech

Shopify – Benefits and ‘free trial’ button

Shopify knows their most important goal is getting customers started with a free trial, so the big pink button is the first thing someone sees when landing on their homepage. If customers need a little more convincing, however, beneath the main banner offers the reasons why Shopify is the best location for an online store.
Shopify homepage free trial button

Newmont Mining – Straightforward navigation

Sometimes with a homepage, there’s more than one main course of action you want viewers to take right away. With Newmont Mining’s homepage, an easy-to-navigate square layout promotes the most important information: their latest news, their blog posts, their fourth quarter results, and a featured video. The straightforward design makes choosing easy.

best public company homepage designs Newmont

Conclusion: Do what works for you

If you produce tons of great thought leadership content, maybe a goal of yours should be to funnel visitors to your blog section. If you just released your quarterly results, you should publish the document front and centre on your homepage banner to make investors’ jobs easier. As we’ve said before, it’s all about accessibility and a great user experience. Each example above works well because the public companies knew their strengths and their goals and aligned the two.

11 must-have elements for your homepage design

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