Tips to Boost Your IR Website’s Credibility

Numbers aside, is your IR website communicating the qualitative information (sometimes referred to as soft metrics) to investors? While most investors and analysts focus heavily on quantitative factors, qualitative analysis is also an important supplement for them when it comes to investment decisions. Investment professionals gather these data to gain an overall better understanding of how the company functions and how its business may potentially benefit them as shareholders.

Barron’s Investor Group’s research tells us, the top three qualitative factors are:
–        Sound business strategy
–        Strong management team
–        Ethical business practices also gives us insight to what some of the usuals are:
–        Business model
–        Competitive advantage in the industry
–        Management
–        Corporate governance
–        Employee Satisfaction

Most of this information would fall under ‘About Us’ page and this is why it’s so important to have a well-written and designed ‘About Us’. Ask yourself these questions: Does the tagline and summary convey your business model and strategies? Do you have information bullet-pointed and explained clearly? Would investors know how your company plans to innovate, compete and grow? The ‘About Us’ section would most likely need a lot of interior pages to give your website a good information scent. Best advice summarized: make facts concise, make key points ‘scannable’, and make the language simple and candid.

According to Michael Kramer’s article on socially responsible investors, “investors want to invest in companies that can turn a profit without comprising the health and welfare of people or degrading the environment that supports our communities and economy.” If your corporation values social responsibility, does the IR website reflect upon that? To encourage socially responsible investing, it would be useful to have a section on your IR website that highlights your values and ethics. Don’t let those efforts go to waste; inform investors and analysts of your approach and commitment to sustainability!

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