Uranium Producers of America website before and afters

UPA_BandAHere’s some highlights from the website redesign we did for Uranium Producers of America. Get a glimpse into our process when approaching a redesign, and of the great collaboration and ideas from both sides that made the project such a success.

Doing it all in blue 

We focused on creating a more cohesive overall theme with UPA’s new site. The consistent colour scheme of blues, whites, and greys with one main font makes locating important information easier. The new cohesive theme also helps with better navigation, as important links and titles are highlighted in blue.


Everybody loves maps 

A new interactive map is now displayed front and centre on UPA’s homepage. The map gives users the ability to connect and locate all the UPA members from around the states. Whereas in the old website the list of Uranium Producers of America Members was content heavy and hidden on an inner-page, bringing the member companies to the forefront and connecting them with their region adds a more personal touch to the cooperation as a whole, as well as easily illustrating the collaboration and wide influence of UPA. Users are able to click different US regions and see which members operate where. Clicking on a specific member also allows a visitor to relocate to that member’s website.


Graphing the supply and demand 

An important section of Uranium Producers of America’s old website dealt with educative materials including charts and graphs detailing the historical supply and demand of uranium. We reworked the graphs of the old site to make them more user friendly and intuitive. We also consolidated the text so the eye is first drawn to the graphs themselves, rather than to a bulk of words around them.

graphs (3)

Connections made easier 

The new Uranium Producers of America website reminds users to sign up for their company updates at multiple moments throughout the site. Whereas the old website had a small email button at the top, the redesign mandates a set area right on the homepage where a potential investor can quickly give their information. The email signup space on the new website is also at the bottom of each consecutive inner-page in addition to the homepage, as a subtle reminder at every turn.

largeNews becomes noteworthy 

UPA’s most recent news is now prominently displayed on the homepage. Having the news front and centre helps users interact more with the company’s most current ‘going-ons,’ rather than listing everything in a more outdated archive on a separate page entirely.


Fluid navigation  

We made it a lot easier to get around UPA’s new website. A new central navigation bar attached to the left of the screen makes way for an easy slide-out secondary navigation bar allowing a user to see multiple options at once. Important investor information such as report documents and the interactive map are now easily listed in the ‘About Us’ section.



Marika Hirsch
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