Using Google to A Better New You (Your Website)

Early last week, Blender Media participated in Google Partners Inspire, a one-day conference which connected many digital agencies in Vancouver. The conference focused on the future of marketing – search ads, mobile, video, online branding and digital ROI. As a digital agency that specializes in investor-focused communications, we’d like to share some of the keynotes with you, and show you how we’d use Google to better IR websites:

“Find your moments that matter.” Do you already know who might want to invest in your company? Think about your potential investors and what they are looking for. Why? This is because Google Adwords can help you find those investors, and reach them through search ads. It is a lot easier to retain the attention of someone who is already interested or has the intent of investing.

“People are turning to the Internet for research.” Institutional investors and analysts are actively seeking for more information. When they get to your website, they will gather the information they need, and form impressions about your corporation. Depending on what they find, they may or may not interact. So type in your website address, and take a five-minute tour. Pretend you’re an investor, think like one and walk through their thought process. Experience what investors would feel when he or she steps into your virtual landscape. Is it easy to navigate? Or would they be easily lost in the mountains of information?

“Focus on relevancy.” One of Google’s key goals is to focus on relevancy. How does this apply to your corporation? It’s the same. Publicly traded companies need to provide relevant content for investors and analysts to evaluate your company. Investments are all about information, so it’s important to have a simple and intuitive information design.

“Relying on the word of mouth? If you are, you’re not doing your digital marketing right.” Word of mouth and traditional advertising is important but you can’t solely rely on it. With digital marketing, you don’t have to wonder if you can reach potential customers. You can control and show your ad to the very people who are likely to invest in your company. On top of that, you’ll also be able to find out if people clicked your ad, and which ad is best.


The Blender Team

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