Why Lead Generation is like Throwing a Party

Yes, there are more similarities than you’d think. How so? Well, when it comes to generating leads, the sales or marketer would reach out to connect with the lead and foster relationships in order to build trust. Likewise, as a host, you’re also looking for ways to connect, to get to know your friends better, and to keep them happy and interested. Let me walk you through the similarities and how you can succeed in lead generation and at your own dinner party:

Look your best. When you invite your friends to your house for a dinner party, I would assume you’d clean and make sure the place is spotless. It’s the same with lead generation – you want to look your best. Think of your website as that virtual location you’re inviting your leads to enter. So before you approach a potential lead via email or phone call, make sure your website is presentable. Online presence is critical. It represents your brand in the digital world, and it’s how investors and shareholders access your company via internet.

Bring quality to the table. At a dinner party, you always want to impress your guests with quality food and drinks. Similarly, you can’t engage your leads without quality content and quality designs on your corporate website. Ensure that you have unique content to help potential investors understand your company, and that there’s easy navigation to these rich content.

We all have our preferences. Just like how some friends prefer barbeque and some are vegetarians, or one might favor one-on-one chats than group conversations – of course, your leads are all different individuals too. Take your time to find out their preferences – how they’d like to be approached or how they’d like their information (graphs, presentations, bullet point summaries etc.). This will also help you better organize your time and make your efforts more effective.

Have fun! Be human! The secret to building and maintaining relationships with your leads is, just to be human about it. It sounds really obvious and all, but being honest and being ‘you’ conveys a sense of trust. Investors and shareholders want to connect with you, not the name of the brand, so let them get to know you and don’t be afraid to crack a joke once in a while.

Keep (company) secrets to yourself. Every host probably has a signature dish that they’re proud of, and these secrets are best remained secret. You want your friends to crave for it, not let them steal it and serve it as their own. Same goes to your company’s secrets, you want to keep your unique competitive edge. It’s important to connect and offer advice, it’ll help you build trust but do make sure you’re not giving away too much!

Say thanks, and follow-up. You’d thank your guests for coming, and you’d thank your leads for their interest and attention too. It’s all about humanizing your brand and personalizing yourself – set your company apart from your competition by showing you care. It’ll only prove to your leads that your company is one worth sticking to, and worth investing in.

[Credits to MarketingProfs.com]

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