Watch Now: Making Deals and Exits with Jim Paterson

We recently hosted a speaker event entitled: “4 Exits, 8 Years” a conversation ― with Jim Paterson. The reflective interview conducted by Blender’s President, Arash Adnani, brought to light Jim’s invaluable and timeless wisdom gained over the course of his career in the junior mining sector.

Jim’s early involvement for stewarding four company exits in just eight years solidified himself as a highly regarded figure in Canada’s tightly knit mining community. His talk is inspirational and very personal ― covering his philosophy for closing deals, the value of meaningful connections, and fostering a supportive community.

You can watch the full video here, or jump forward to our favorite moments below.

  • 6:55Jim’s speaks to his sales strategy
    Jim touches upon his philosophy of sales and his mindset to overcome the fear of rejection.
  • 13:00Pre-requisites for crucial decision making
    He explores his quote: “If I’m the smartest guy in the room, I don’t want to be in that deal.”
  • 29:27 3 nuggets of knowledge to make you sharper and stronger
    Jim explains objection handling and becoming the bigger self-critic to turn heads and seal deals.

Keegan Wong