WELL Health Case Study

The Situation

WELL Health Technologies Corp. came to us for a complete overhaul of their brand and digital presence. As a provider of healthcare solutions, they required an approachable identity capable of inspiring trust in their vision of reimagining the Canadian healthcare system for the 21st century. People are at the forefront of everything they do—it was time their website and overall branding reflected their dedication to enhancing the healthcare experience, one patient or physician at a time.

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The Solution

Starting with the logo, we worked to build a brand and website for WELL with their core principles reflected in every aspect of the design. In order to encapsulate WELL’s mission while establishing trust, we knew we needed a forward-thinking space with a bright, welcoming homepage and clearcut data points. Spurring engagement through interactive elements and an eye-catching splash video, we created a comfortable and compelling environment for visitors to learn about the connection-driven processes behind WELL’s success.

WELL Health 1
WELL Health 2
We’re honoured to receive the CSSDA awards for Best UI Design, Best UX Design, and Best Innovation for the WELL Health branding and website redesign! The CSSDA is an international web design and development awards platform that honors and showcases freelance designers, studios and agencies for work that pushes the boundaries of creativity, functionality and usability.


Head-to-toe redesign of entire brand and web experience

Clean, custom-designed logo forms the crux of the Well brand

Abundant interactive elements drive visitor engagement

Site structure foregrounds Well’s unique business narrative from start to finish

WELL Health 3

What the WELL Health team had to say…

“We came to Blender through a referral from our CEO, drawn by their experience in investor relations and their highly creative, positive energy. Their process was a helpful branding exercise, with lots of back-and-forth discussion to pinpoint our needs. After creating a logo we’re all very happy with, the team used our assets to create a fantastic, interactive web experience. They were extremely hardworking and flexible, especially after we decided to move up our launch date. From start to finish, the Blender team listened, processed our feedback accurately, and translated it effectively into development, realizing our vision for the project. We look forward to continuing our work together!”

Chris Ericksen
Senior Vice President, Strategic Partnerships & Marketing


WELL Health 4
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Eguana Technologies

The Situation

Eguana Technologies main goal for a new website was to prove their position in the industry as early market leaders. With a product that can’t be summed up in one sentence, however, the trick was to inform investors of the full product story without losing their attention.

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The Solution

We immediately went to work figuring out the best ways to visually communicate Eguana’s product in a way that resonated with investors. With an intuitive investors ‘hub’, a company milestone graphic, and a product story on every page, the finished website is as ahead of its time as the company it represents.

Eguana Portfolio 1


A clean and modern design emphasized Eguana Tech’s focus on being early market leaders.

We created an intuitive ‘Investor Hub’ page that highlighted all the company’s crucial information for potential

Full-page photography illustrates a complex product story.

Company milestones timeline graphic in the About section to show how Eguana Tech is ahead of the curve.

Eguana Portfolio 2
Eguana Portfolio 3
Eguana Portfolio 4
Eguana Portfolio 5

Fundamental Applications Corp

The Situation

Fundamental Applications Corp. is a technology startup who approached us about designing their website before the launch of their first product ‘Serum’, a mobile chat application for Millennials. They’ve since expanded and acquired two more products. The company’s main priority was time: they needed a website with a quick turnaround, as they were going through a funding round and needed a space to send potential investors to learn about their opportunity.

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The Solution

We thrive on tough deadlines. Although we made sure to stick within the timeframe, we were also determined to create the highest caliber site for Fundamental. We drafted an initial design concept to present to them early in the process. They liked our concept so much that they trusted us to design the rest of the site without further approval. Modifying our normal approval process allowed us to complete the site on time for their funding round.

Fundamental Applications Corp 1


Entire site, from planning phase to launch, finished within 4 weeks.

Revised sitemap and information architecture.

Custom design created that appealed to both target markets, from potential investors to the product.

Branding and design of supporting marketing materials, including business cards and fact sheet.

Fundamental Applications Corp 2
Fundamental Applications Corp 3
Fundamental Applications Corp 4
Fundamental Applications Corp 5