You’re Doing IR Lead-Generation All Wrong (But You Can Do It Right)

It’s true: chances are, if you’ve ever done (or are currently undertaking) lead-generation for investor relations, you’re probably doing it wrong. In fact, we’d go so far as to say you’re actually throwing money away.

Wait, what? But don’t investor marketing companies like BLENDER tend to argue that robust lead generation should be the heart of any outreach campaign?

We do, and we’re right. Lead generation is absolutely critical to IR success. Just not in the way we see most public companies doing it.

Figure 1 - You’re Doing IR Lead-Generation All Wrong (But You Can Do It Right)

Why? There are two reasons:

  1. Lack of nurture: Most IROs fail to follow up with their leads
  2. Lack of focus: Most lead-gen campaigns fail to home in on their most engaged leads

For an illustrative example, take a look at BLENDER’s new ROI Calculator. 

The ROI Calculator allows you to put in any budget amount, and see your expected results from a campaign with BLENDER:

  • How many leads you can expect at your desired budget
  • Cost per lead
  • Number of the MOST ENGAGED leads you can expect
  • Expected click-through rates of ongoing emails to the list
  • Anticipated traffic increase to your website

The Calculator is a one-of-a-kind tool that will not only help clients budget and set expectations for their lead-generation campaigns but helps instruct IROs on the most important parts of the campaign.

Figure 2 - You’re Doing IR Lead-Generation All Wrong (But You Can Do It Right)


Why did we create it?

  • To educate clients on the full scope of the lead generation funnel
  • To create transparency with expected results, and how those results are measured
  • To help companies budget for their IR outreach program

How were we able to create it?

  • We created the calculator based on the 3 main stages of the lead journey
  • We used conversion rates based on the last $200,000 spent on lead-generation campaigns with BLENDER
  • We’ve managed ad budgets north of $1 million—so we have quite a bit of data to draw from

Figure 3 - You’re Doing IR Lead-Generation All Wrong (But You Can Do It Right)

While it’s possible to conduct an effective lead generation campaign on your own, to maximize your results, you should work with a trusted organization with a long history of success.

BLENDER  and its subsidiary have been running top-tier lead generation campaigns for public companies for years, yielding excellent outcomes for a huge variety of companies. Our lead-gen campaigns go beyond handing you a list of leads, we create and distribute a variety of content to those leads that keep you top of mind.

Our calculator is the recommended first step for any investor lead-generation campaign with us. Check it out yourself, or schedule a meeting and we can provide you with a free demo!