Methanex – World’s Largest Producer and Supplier of Methanol

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The Company

Methanex, the world’s producer, and supplier of methanol, came to BLENDER with a mission to completely rebuild their site from the ground up. This is a massive company that generates over US$4.4 billion in revenue and has a market cap of CA$ 4.56 billion—so the stakes were high. The end result exceeded expectations, with an attractive, crystal clear design that puts all the information an investor might need within a click or two.

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"Blender provided us with a custom redesign that simplified our navigation, highlighted key stats and info for investors, showcased our ESG initiatives, and enabled global team members to easily update the site. The new site is easy to navigate and Blender even provided CMS training. Highly recommended for all your website needs.”

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Jim Fitzpatrick
Head of Global Communications

The Situation

Methanex approached BLENDER with several pain points regarding their old website. First, the navigational hierarchy was unclear, making it difficult for users to find the information they needed. Second, the global team had trouble logging in and updating the site, which led to outdated content. Finally, the old site did not adequately showcase Methanex’s commitment to ESG initiatives, which was inconsistent with the company’s values and mission.

The Solution

BLENDER provided several solutions to address these problems. First, we developed a crystal-clear navigational hierarchy that allowed all users to easily find the information they needed. Then we equipped them with our custom CMS solution and provided CMS training, which empowered Methanex’s global team to log in and make changes to the site from anywhere in the world. Finally, we designed a front page that drew attention to Methanex’s ESG projects, and created additional pages dedicated to showcasing the company’s sustainability efforts. These solutions improved user engagement, kept the site up-to-date, and aligned with Methanex’s values and mission.

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  • Straightforward design that brings key data into sharp relief
  • A crystal-clear navigational hierarchy that allows any visitor to easily find the information they need
  • Spotlight on ESG and industry leadership
  • Improved global locations sections
  • Interactive timeline to showcase company history and milestones
  • Updated branding and new imagery
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