Uranium Energy Corp. – an investor experience like no other

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The Company

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The Situation

Uranium Energy Corp. had two main priorities for a new website: that their projects section was laid out intuitively and easy to navigate, since they have almost 10, and that their investors could easily note the company’s financial highlights, mission, and latest stock information.

The Solution

We wanted to design a website for UEC’s investors that wasn’t just convenient, but provided a digital experience like no other. We focused on the homepage, incorporating footage of the main plant in a large-scale looping background video. The site features strong imagery and branding throughout, and an investor specific sub-navigation on the homepage leads potential investors to the comprehensive investor centre. This side navigation also provides easy download links to UEC’s branded presentation and factsheet.

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  • Custom design for each page of the website.
  • Addition of interactive elements across the site including a project map highlighting their assets.
  • Overall restructure of sitemap and information architecture to streamline navigation and improve user experience.
  • Revision of investor and corporate responsibility sections with clear categories.
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